The Evrotas River

According to the mythology Evrotas was the third king of Laconia. He had a daughter, Sparta. The city of Sparta is said to have been named after her. According to the tradition, the king constructed a canal in order to remove stagnant water from around the city of Sparta to the sea and this is how the river was formed and named after him. However there is another version claiming that the king drowned himself in the river after being defeated by the Athenians.

The name Evrotas means good flow and its length reaches 82 km. It springs from the Taygetos and Parnon mountains, flows through the valley and debouches into the Laconic bay forming a rich delta of unique natural beauty.

The Evrotas delta is one of the last significant wetlands in southern Greece. More than 210 kinds of birds have been recorded here. It is the nesting place for a great number of birds and fish, whereas it is the habitat of endemic organisms and endangered species of fauna.

The region, which is included in the European list of the protected areas by “NATURE 2000”, is the one where the LIFE- Nature of European commission program was completed. A management plan has been made during the program for the coastline and a special environmental research has been taking place to save and preserve this precious and unique ecosystem.