Ancient Akraia

According to Pausanias the foundation of Akraia dates back to the prehistoric period. It was one of the most notable coastal cities in Laconia. It was named after its settler Akrias who was from Sparta.

Its location, in Kokkinia, has been identified from the scattered fragments of clay pots and from the unsigned statue of Nikoklis. There was a commercial and shipping communication with other coastal cities because of its location in Laconia. There was a temple dedicated to Cybele, who was the mother of gods, which is considered the oldest temple in the Peloponnese. There was a worshipping statue of the goddess in the temple which is unfortunately not saved. The part of the city which was near the sea was demolished during the 375 A.D. earthquake. 

In our days the visitor can admire the parts of the temple, the roman ruins of buildings and tombs. There are still ruins of the ancient city underwater.