The Castle in Geraki

The castle was built by the French Baron Guy de Nivelet in 1209 (during the Frankish times), along the ridge of a hill on the Parnon Mountain in the east of the present settlement of Geraki. A big part is saved today and it is a sample of the architecture of the castles in the era. The castle in Geraki was an intermediate station in the fire beacon communication system between the castle in Mystras and the one in Monemvasia. Moreover, there had been a second phase of aid and it is estimated that this happened by the Byzantines. The castle was inhabited intensely all around and in it during the after Byzantine era (13th -15th centuries). Numerous residences, churches and chapels have been saved.

Apart from the significance of the monuments it is of national importance because it is located in the middle of the way from Mystras to Monemvasia. It was the military station that ensured the transportation between the two Byzantine centers: the Despotate of Mystras and the capital of the Byzantine Empire. 

Temple of St. Paraskevi

This church was built in the end of the 13th century. It is a crossed-shaped church and it is located on a plateau in the lowest part of the medieval castle. The frescoes were made during four different periods. The acute-angled arches and the decorative engravings and the shapes of birds and animals on rocks are of great interest. 



Temple of St. George

The temple of St George is situated at the plateau of the hill that leads to the Castle. The current structure of the temple is that of a three-aisled vaulted basilica. It is very difficult to calculate the date of construction of the temple, yet it is widely believed that it was built around the Period of the Frankish rule. Most of the painted décors were created after 1262, however the possibility of some 14th century murals should not be ruled out.