Krokeean Stone

The stone from Krokkee is a dark green a stone from lava, with yellow spots like a mosaic. This is a rear kind of compact stone which can be found only in the area of Psifi in Krokee. It was used in ancient times to create pots and stamps as well as decorating buildings, baths and tombs although it couldn’t be treated easily. Many findings made by Krokeean stone were found in Mycenaean tombs and in the excavations in the Minoan palace in Knossos in Crete. A simple tomb in Thermopylae for the 300 Spartans was decorated with it. Today visitors can see this kind of stone in some paintings in the Archaeological Museum Palazzo Massimo, in St. Peter’s Basilica and in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, in Rome and some other luxurious ancient buildings.