After many years of studies and traveling around the world I returned to my favorite place in the world the place I was born, Greece. Wishing to share this love and enthusiasm about this very unique place. The important role it can play in an interdependent world. I searched to find a way to communicate with others and to bring people closer to the essence of what is Greece. With this aim we created Homeodynamic Development. S.A. – in ancient Greek it means the power of potential. A company with the intent to create sustainable development projects that place nature and human relationships center stage.

This essence is the beautiful and diverse nature.  The historic importance and dialogue with other cultures throughout time. The embedded freedom of spirit in the Greek people as well as the optimism for the future that is derived from the long historic experience.

Frangiskos Karelas
President & Managing Director

Homeodynamic Development S.A. (Société Anonyme) is an Agrotourism, organic product producer exporter and importer corporation. Our activities include:

Sustainable Organic Agrotourism, Ecotourism Farm, Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece

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